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Join TheStreet for a special educational event for sophisticated investors.

Attendees will hear from and interact with the best in the business, including top contributors from TheStreet.

Hosted by Jim Cramer, topics include trading futures, alternative investments, building wealth under the new tax code and more. Plus, Cramer interviews PayPal CEO, Dan Schulman, to learn about the future of commerce.


Scott Gamm


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The event will take place at Convene 117 West 46th Street. 

Dress is business casual. Please no sneakers or athletic wear. 


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Mike Hanson
Senior Vice President, Research Fisher Investments

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Peter Hug
Global Trading Director

Kitco Metals, Inc.


Opening Remarks by Dave Callaway 

8:55 AM

Trading Strategies: Should You Sell Stocks in May and Absolutely Run Away?

The old adage in the markets goes like this: sell your stocks in May and go away ahead of Wall Street's biggest players being on the beach. Who wants to trade low volatility, right? But if we have learned anything about the markets this year it's that one should always expect the unexpected. This panel, brought to you by Charles Schwab, will help you prepare your portfolio for a summer of unknowns in the markets.

Moderator: David Callaway, CEO and President, TheStreet Inc.
Speaker: Bob Lang, Real Money Columnist, TheStreet
Speaker: Tony Dwyer, Chief Market Strategist, Canaccord Genuity
Ann Miletti, Managing Director and Lead Portfolio Manager, Wells Fargo Asset Management
Mona Mahajan , US Investment Strategist, Allianz Global Investors


8:00 AM


Doors open at 8:00 am for check-in. Buffet breakfast served.

Market Overview with Jim Cramer

Networking Break

Luncheon & Keynote Interview: Jim Cramer Interviews PayPal CEO Dan Schulman

The digital payments industry continues to upend commerce. At the forefront of this revolution is PayPal, led by veteran tech CEO Dan Schulman since 2015. Cramer will talk to Schulman about innovation, workplace diversity and how PayPal strives to make life easier for billions of people around the world.

Closing Remarks, Networking and Photos

2:35 PM

11:30 AM

Wealth Management: Navigating a New Tax Code, Higher Interest Rates and More

This year marks a seismic shift for high-net-worth individuals. The U.S. Tax Code has gotten its first major rewrite in more than a decade, while interest rates and inflation are perking up in a major way for the first time since before the Great Recession. Here's how to play this brave new world.

Moderator: Scott Gamm, Correspondent, TheStreet
Speaker: Darrell L. Cronk, President, Wells Fargo Investment Institute
Speaker: Ehiwario Efeyini, Senior Vice President, Bank of America
Speaker:  Mike Hanson, Senior Vice President, Research, Fisher Investments
Speaker: Kristina Hooper, Chief Global Market Strategist, Invesco

Making Money in a Risky World: A Real Money Roundtable

Will the Federal Reserve kill the bull market? Will President Trump start a trade war? How close is the next U.S. recession? Join top columnists from TheStreet's Real Money premium site as they discuss where we are in the market cycle and what to do to make money -- both now and in the future. 

Moderator: Brian Sozzi, Executive Editor, TheStreet
Speaker: Carly Garner, RealMoney Pro Columnist, TheStreet
Speaker: Sarge Guilfoyle, Market Recon Columnist, TheStreet
Speaker: Jeff Macke, Founder and President, Macke Asset Management
Speaker:  Paul Hickey, Co-Founder, Bespoke Investment Group LLC

Alternative Investments: Separating the Weed from the Chaff

Cryptocurrency, gold and marijuana were once off-beat or even illegal investments, but now they're going mainstream, often with big price swings that savvy players can take advantage of. How should you navigate these volatile sectors? Our expert panel will be your guide.

Moderator: Kinsey Grant, Staff Writer, TheStreet
Speaker: Debra Borchardt, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief and CEO, Green Market Report
Speaker: Peter Hug, Global Trading Director, Kitco Metals, Inc.
Speaker: Vince Molinari, CEO, Templum Markets, LLC
Speaker: Michael Terpin, Founder and CEO, Transform Group




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9:25 AM

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10:35 AM

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1:40 PM

*Schedule is subject to change.

        Carly Garner                 Real Money Pro Columnist    TheStreet

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Brian Sozzi

Executive Editor 


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Debra Borchardt

Co-Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Green Market Report

*More speakers to be announced!

Kinsey Grant

Staff Writer


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Dan Schulman

President & CEO


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Stephen Guilfoyle

Market Recon Columnist


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David Callaway

President & CEO

TheStreet, Inc.

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James J. Cramer
Founder, TheStreet, Inc.
Host, “Mad Money with Jim Cramer”
Co-Anchor, “Squawk on The Street”, CNBC

"With markets as crazy as they are, it's a remarkable time to be an investor"


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Michael Terpin

Founder & CEO

Transform Group

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Vincent Molinari


Templum Markets, LLC

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Paul Hickey


Bespoke Investment Group, LLC

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Jeff Macke

Founder & President

Macke Asset Management

Tony Dwyer

Chief Market Strategist
Canaccord Genuity

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Ann Miletti

Managing Director 

Wells Fargo Asset Management

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Darrell Cronk


Wells Fargo Investment Institute 

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Ehiwario Efeyini

Senior Vice President 

Bank of America

Bob Lang

Real Money Columnist


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Kristina Hooper

Chief Global Market Strategist


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Mona Mahajan

US Investment Strategist

Allianz Global Investors

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